Teeth Whitening

Love coffee, cigarettes, snus or red wine? The smile is often the first thing we notice when we meet new people, and discolored teeth are perceived as not charming. With our professional teeth whitening, you get whiter teeth and a more beautiful smile, and a white smile signals good health and beauty!

What is Teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a chemical cleanser of the outer layers of the teeth that whiten the teeth.

How is the treatment done?

We recommend that you consult your dentist for a closer examination and cleaning of the teeth. Any caries must be repaired, and fillings must be of good quality. The gums must be healthy, and you should make sure that you don’t have any deceases.

The treatment is done by first applying a protective paste to the gums. Then the bleach hydrogen peroxide is brushed on the teeth. Finally, plasma analysis is applied which activates the active substance in the bleach. This is repeated up to 3 times depending on the starting point and the result you want. The whole process takes approx. 1 - 1.5 hours.

What effect does the treatment have?

Normally, the teeth will be 4 - 7 shades whiter on the VITA scale. Although approx. 98% achieve an improvement of at least 2 shades, approx. 2% did not achieve results at all. If your teeth are naturally yellow, damaged or discolored from the inside, they will not respond as well to bleaching as the discoloration caused by coffee, tea, red wine, snus or cigarettes. Fillings, crowns and shell facets cannot be bleached.

The duration of the bleaching depends on the degree of discoloration, hygiene and maintenance after the bleaching. It will normally take more several years before they are as discolored as before the treatment, but at a high degree of discoloration many choose to freshen up the color with a new treatment within 2 years.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

After treatment, the teeth will absorb moisture through the food being consumed. Avoid food, beverages and other things with high pigmentation for three days after treatment. Teeth whitening also affects the enamel and can cause unpleasant icing in the teeth in the following days after treatment. The icing is transient and completely harmless. If you experience it as uncomfortable, remineralizing gel can be applied to relieve pain.

If the bleach comes in contact with the gums, it can irritate the gums. This is temporary and will usually disappear within a few minutes after the bleach is removed.

No other major blemishes or dangers of teeth whitening have been documented when the treatment is performed in a professional manner and in smaller doses.

Pregnant, breastfeeding and people who struggle with frequent / chronic icing in the teeth will not be treated.

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