Nose Correction

Do you dream of the noses of Duchess Kate, Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lopez? Nose correction with filler is used to change and shape the nose completely without surgery, and the treatment takes no more than approx. 30 minutes!

What is Nose correction?

Nose correction is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure where filler is used to change and shape the nose completely without surgery.

How is the treatment done?

The treatment is done by first consulting with a cosmetic nurse. This is intended to gather information about your medical history and how you want your nose to look. In addition, you will receive information about anticipated side effects and what you should do before and after treatment.

When the treatment starts, the filler will be injected at various points in the nose to build up the desired shape and shape. It is especially the nose bridge and the nose tip that are the subject of treatment.

The entire treatment normally takes no more than approx. 30 minutes.

Due to swelling, a nose correction will normally be performed in two rounds where approx. 50% - 80% are completed at the first treatment. After treatment, a control hour is set up approx. 2 weeks after treatment where the nose correction is completed.

What effect does the treatment have?

A treatment can smooth the bump on the bridge of the nose, lift the angle of the nose tip, fill in unevenness and weak areas of the nose.

Nose correction with filler may not reduce the size of the nose, but it can give a straighter and smoother nose which will give the illusion that the nose is smaller than it really is.

The duration of nose correction is approx. 12 months.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

It is normal to become swollen the first three days after treatment. The swelling is greatest for the first 24 hours, but then the swelling will gradually disappear. Bruising may occur, but it is harmless and disappears completely within days.

The treatment exposes the patient to a number of rare side effects such as: persistent swelling, asymmetry, persistent skin discoloration (gray, blue or reddish discoloration), abscesses (boils, cavities filled with pus), infection, granuloma (knots consisting of granular tissue), hypersensitivity in one area, scarring, allergic reactions with itching, swelling and in very rare cases anaphylaxis. Indurations (hardening) or nodules may be developed at the injection site.

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Remove filler in lips, face and nose
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