Grease removal with cryolipolysis, body contour or belkyra allows you to remove troublesome fat in specific areas such as under the chin, "love handles", stomach, flanks, arms, etc. If you have any specific areas you are bothered with, you can read more about the treatments we offer here.


With cryolipolysis / coolsculpting local cold treatment is used to destroy fat cells.

The treatment is carried out by attaching a handpiece to the desired treatment area and this sucks the adipose tissue using a vacuum. The area is then cooled to approx. 8 minus degrees. Fat cells withstand the cold more poorly than other cells, so fat cells will be destroyed at these temperatures without damaging surrounding cells. The treatment is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The treatment lasts from 40 - 60 minutes. You can go to work and exercise the same day. The dead fat cells are excreted by the body through metabolism and it takes from 2 - 4 months before you can see the final result. About. 20-30% of the fat cells sucked into the handpiece are destroyed after a treatment. We usually recommend between 2 - 3 treatments every 4 - 6 weeks depending on the desired result.

All areas of excess fat can be treated as long as the handpieces are suitable, but common areas are abdomen, flanks, arms, inside / outside thighs and back.

Fat removal with Pluryal Body Contour and Belkyra

Fat removal / face sculpting with Belkyra or Pluryal Body Contour means injecting synthetic deoxylic acid or a fat-dissolving mesococktail into the difficult fat under the chin, "car rings", bra handles, "love handles", "banana rolls" on the buttocks or other areas where you want fat removal.

The deoxy acid in Belkyra permanently destroys the fat cells so that the fat cells are destroyed and cannot store fat. The skin in the area will tighten up as the fat disappears. The Bodycontour mesococktail consists of deoxy acid and phosphatidylcholine which, like Belkyra, permanently destroys fat cells.

Common to the treatments is that they cause swelling in the area for approx. 7 days. The skin in the area is tightened - if you have a double chin treatment you can get a more marked jaw line. The result of the treatment will only be visible after approx. 8 weeks. There are individually how many treatments are needed to achieve the desired result, but we recommend between 2-3 treatments.

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Prisliste per behandlingstype

Price list per type of treatment

250 Kr
30 min
Belkyra a 2 glass treatment
8500 Kr
30 min
Belkyra 2 treatments of 2 glasses
16000 Kr
30 min
Pluryal FaceContours double chin treatment
3000 Kr
15 min
Pluryal Facecontour pakkepris a 3 behandlinger
7000 kr
15 min
Pluryal Bodycontour kroppsbehandling
3500 Kr
30 min
Pluryal Bodycontour pakkepris á 3 behandlinger
7500 kr
15 min
Cool Sculpting (per area)
3000 Kr
60 min
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