Lip Filler

Research shows that big lips are attractive. With lip filler you can enlarge the lips and highlight the most visible erogenous zone. If you dream about the lips of Angelina Jolie, Esther Canada or Kylie Jenner, this treatment may be for you!

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is a treatment where hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the lips to increase volume or correct bias and asymmetry.

Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide that exists naturally in parts of the body, including in joint fluid and as part of the basic substance in connective tissue. The hyaluronic acid has good ability to bind water and contributes as shock-absorbing filler material. The body both produces and breaks down hyaluronic acid daily, which is why liposuction is not a permanent and irreversible intervention.

How is the treatment done?

Before treatment, apply a strong anesthetic cream that should work for 10 - 15 minutes before treatment. The anesthetic cream makes the lip numb and the treatment less painful.

Then, have a conversation with a cosmetic nurse before the treatment begins. This is intended to gather information about your medical history and how you want your lips to look. In addition, you will receive information about anticipated side effects and what you should do before and after treatment.

When the treatment starts, the filler will be injected into different places in the lips to build up the desired shape. The treatment itself takes no more than approx. 30 minutes.

In some cases, a follow-up hour after approx. 2 weeks for correction.

Lip filler can be combined with "Lipflip with Btx". This means that small drops of btx are inserted into the lip edge to prevent the lip from rotating inward and becoming narrower when smiling.

What effect does the treatment have?

The volume effect of the treatment on the lips naturally depends on how much product is injected. Most people need 1ml or more to achieve the desired volume.

After the treatment, you will have bigger lips than what is your natural starting point without lip filler. As mentioned, the body degrades hyaluronic acid gradually, which means that the treatment is not a permanent intervention. The duration is approx. 6 months, but is influenced by a number of individual factors such as metabolism, lifestyle and smoking.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

Lip filler injection may cause lumps. This is harmless and the filler can be processed on its own during massage to achieve a more even distribution of the product in the lip cavity.

The treatment involves a number of rare risks such as: persistent swelling, asymmetry, persistent skin discoloration (gray, blue or reddish discoloration), abscesses (boils, cavities filled with pus), infection, granuloma (knots consisting of granular tissue), hypersensitivity in one area, scarring, allergic reactions with itching, swelling and in very rare cases anaphylaxis. Indurations (hardening) or nodules may be developed at the injection site.

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Price list per type of treatment

250 Kr
30 min
Lip Flip
1090 Kr
15 min
Lip treatment with Pluryal 0.5ml
2000 Kr
30 min
Lip treatment with Pluryal 1ml
2700 Kr
30 min
Lip treatment with Teosyal 0.5ml
2200 Kr
30 min
Lip treatment with Teosyal 1ml
2900 / 3100 Kr
30 min
Lip treatment with Juvederm 0.5ml
2400 Kr
30 min
Lip treatment with Juvederm 1ml
3200 Kr
30 min
Remove filler in lips, face and nose
1000 Kr
30 min
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