Hair removal w/ laser

Are you tired of removing hair under your arms and bikini line? Ingrown hair and red bumps? Don't worry - laser hair removal is an option that means you don't have to buy new blades for a good while!

Hair removal with Alexandrite GentleLASE and Diode laser

Vanity Beauty Clinic offers hair removal with DL900 Diode lasers as well as the effective Alexandrite GentleLASE laser which is considered to be one of the most effective long-lasting hair removal lasers.

Thick and dark hairs are better suited to radiation than thin and light. Red and blonde hair has little pigment in the hair follicles and can therefore be difficult or impossible to treat. Gray and white hair cannot be laser treated. Most of our clients remove unwanted hair on the legs, back, under the arms and around the bikini line, but we also treat areas other than these. The laser has a built-in cooling system that reduces discomfort. It is normal to get red and sore in the skin after treatment, but this is temporary.

The number of treatments required to achieve the desired result varies from person to person, depending on the color of the hair of the person to be treated and what cycle the hair is in when it is irradiated. For the majority, 5-6 treatments are enough. Avoid tapping, growing or epilating 4 weeks prior to treatment. This has to do with the growth cycles and that we want as many normal hair follicles as possible before treatment.

The pigment in the skin will also be somewhat affected. Light skin is affected less than dark skin. All forms of laser treatment can in rare cases cause a slight burn injury to the skin or pigmentation. It is therefore important to avoid sunbathing / solarium in the area for 2 weeks before treatment and 2 weeks after treatment. Self-tanning should also not be used in the area the last week before treatment.

To protect the skin from increased pigmentation in the area, sunscreen with a factor of 30-50 must be applied every day for a month after treatment in areas not covered by clothing. This is because the skin is very vulnerable the first time after treatment.

Avoid creams that may irritate the skin in the last week before treatment. Pregnant and breast-feeders will not be treated. It also applies to people with outbreaks of herpes, infected, sun damaged or sunburned skin.

Package prices consist of 3 treatments in 2 areas and become a cheaper alternative than buying them individually. Should more than 3 treatments be needed, a 25% discount is given per treatment.

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Prisliste per behandlingstype

Price list per type of treatment

Brazilian and armpits (package price of 3 treatments)
9600 Kr
45 min
Bikini and armpits (package price of 3 treatments)
7800 Kr
45 min
Bikini Line
1700 Kr
30 min
2400 Kr
30 min
1500 Kr
30 min
2300 Kr
45 min
2800 Kr
45 min
Whole Arms
2600 Kr
45 min
1800 Kr
30 min
2800 Kr
45 min
2800 Kr
45 min
Whole face
1900 Kr
30 min
Lower part of the face
1000 Kr
30 min
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