Facial Sculpting

Some women want highlighted cheekbones to accentuate their feminine features, and men like to have a powerful jaw line. By injecting filler into the chin, jaw line or cheekbones, we can highlight attractive facial features in the same way as surgical procedures and the use of implants. Are you curious about how to get better facial symmetry with the use of filler?

What is facial sculpting?

Facial sculpting with filler means that hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the areas of the face where increased volume can give you an aesthetic boost. Filler, for example, can give you bigger and more feminine cheekbones. Alternatively, we can correct asymmetrical parts of the face to improve facial symmetry. Loss of facial volume as a result of age can be reversed to bring back the youthful and attractive features.

How is the treatment done?

Before starting treatment, you should first consult a cosmetic nurse to obtain information about your medical history and which areas you are considering getting treated. In addition, you will receive information about anticipated side effects and what you should do before and after treatment.

Then, the filler will be injected into the areas that can give you an aesthetic boost. If you have a weak, underdeveloped chin, we will focus on that area, but normally you will get 1 ml in the chin and 1 ml in each cheekbone. Many men are concerned about having a powerful jaw line, and then we will focus on them. Facial sculpting with filler is a far less invasive procedure than surgery. It is also not permanent and if you regret it is reversible. The duration of such injections is very individual and depends on the metabolism and the amount injected. However, the manufacturers say it lasts up to 15 months.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

The treatment exposes the patient to a number of rare side effects such as: persistent swelling, asymmetry, persistent skin discoloration (gray, blue or reddish discoloration), abscesses (boils, cavities filled with pus), infection, granuloma (knots consisting of granular tissue), hypersensitivity in one area, scarring, allergic reactions with itching, swelling and in very rare cases anaphylaxis. Indurations (hardening) or nodules may be developed at the injection site. In rare cases, rags may be injected into a vein that can cause occlusion. This can cause necrosis (cell death) in cases.

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Price list per type of treatment

250 Kr
30 min
Facial sculpting with Pluryal (per ml)
2500 Kr
30 min
Facial sculpting with Pluryal (3ml)
6600 Kr
30 min
Facial sculpting with Juvederm (per ml)
3200 Kr
30 min
Remove filler in lips, face and nose
1000 Kr
30 min
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