Hatmone Mazrekaj

- Health Secretary and Skin Therapist

Hatmone graduated as a medical secretary at Kvadraturen Skolesenter in 2014 with a focus on health-promoting work, communication and interaction. She has several years of work experience as a medical secretary from Sørlandet Hospital at the microbiology department.

She has taken a great number of courses under the auspices of Elixir, Environ, Mesoasthetic, and can give you advice on which skin products are suitable for your skin type.

In 2018, she took further education in laser treatment and a number of other medical skin treatments through Beauty Technology and Vanity Academy.

She is now also a certified Permanent Makeup Artist through Biotek Academy Scandinavia, and performs our PMU treatments on lips, eyebrows and lashliner. As a person, she is a great joy spreader and strong relationship builder, and meets you with a big smile when you come to the clinic.